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NamesETC is a platform to explore details around any name. Currently hosts more than 100,000 names, also combines data from US & UK census.

Access thru REST APIs –

Entire database is also available to programmers thru well designed REST APIs. For API details, samples & help please click API page.

You could do the followings –

  • Prgrammatically fetch info on a name. For example gender, meaning, background, similar names.
  • Create better forms by skipping gender question. Use our API to auto fill user’s gender based on the name.
  • Create interesting insight over existing data. For example how many users are ‘male’
  • Create creative App & websites consuming our REST APIs.

And also –

  • Look up details on any name by searching from search box to the right.
  • Share information with others. For example – Lisa  (replace with your name)

Calling the APIs –



    "name": "John",
    "meaning": "Jehovah has been gracious: has shown favor. In the bible, John the Baptist baptized Christ in the Jordan river. Variants have been created in almost every language.",
    "gender": "Male",
    "origin": "",
    "comments": "Hebrew"

For all other APIs, samples & help please check API page.

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