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Frequently asked questions –

Is it really FREE?

Absolutely. Everything offered at this site is FREE. From viewing information, to using REST APIs, to sharing with others.

Are API usage FREE too?

API usage is FREE. As long as APIs are used in moderation. For example 20 times a day from one client. This way you can see how APIs work. Click one of the API sample links below and it will just work in the browser as it is.

If you intend to use APIs for a rigorous data analysis, or more frequent use, please reach out to us for your own personal API Key, from API page.

Can I suggest a new name?

If you searched a name that doesn’t exist, but you know details of the name to be added here at our central database? You can suggest us to add the new name. Please write an email to –¬†with as much detail as you know. Best way to write is in below format –

(Only provide as much as you know)

Name –
Gender –
Meaning –
Origin –
Background –
Any comments –

Once we received your email, we will review and add the name to our central database within few days. And will inform you when we are done.

Can I contribute?

Absolutely! We need help. There is a lot of contents, that can benefit from your review, edits & suggestions.

Please don’t hesitate or feel that you lack skills to contribute. The only skill that we desire is passion about names and willing to help. We will train you.

My question is not answered here.

While we are heads down working on other things. If you have questions that weren’t answered here. Please drop us a line at :

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